circular's projects


hey, i'm circular
i'm a hobbyist programmer and i like to make cool things
(this website is for those cool things)
all of my projects are free or open-source under the MIT license.

you can find every previous version of my apps here.

arguably better version


detnsw-autologin (updated 14/9/22)

it automatically logs into the internet for public schools in NSW, Australia

*designed for macos monterey and windows 10
i use the app regularly, and i've never experienced a crash or malfunction, but you may get different performance (because of some random edge case i could've never predicted)
if you do experience any issues, contact me.

autonet (in-dev)

NOTE: the beta app is widely untested, and contains a LOT of bugs. (and you will most likely crash once or twice)
im releasing a beta because im going to try and build the app from scratch using tauri or other cross-platform solutions

the successor to detnsw-autologin, this application is designed to automatically log into any school or corporate network.

images of early development, content is subject to change.

also please contact me on discord if you find a bug

popup hydra

close one window and two more open


sends "typing" packets to discord so that it looks like you're constantly typing

note: you will need to get your discord token to make it work, so this app is more tailored towards developers, or people who know some advanced computer skills

i also do not provide a utility to automatically extract your token (because i cant be bothered also it is a bit worrying)



a bot that posts pictures of food


langton's ant (on pico-8)

i made a "replica" of langton's ant on a fantasy game engine called pico-8


i take commissions sometimes
i can make portfolio websites and discord bots (although i dont really like making discord bots)
im not too great with lua
i've also used c# (.NET framework) and swift (macOS) in the past to make stuff like detnsw-autologin and popup hydra

some of my previous work includes:
  • detnsw-autologin
  • popup hydra
  • food-bot
  • 1 portfolio website
  • 1 wiki (mainly css)
  • 2 discord bots

if you want to commission me, you can contact me on discord at @circular


@circular (or circular#0) // my discord
my discord server